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Microfood Lactobacillus 200g
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Microfood Lactobacillus 200g

Code 150 VeganNon-gluten contentNon-lactose contentOrganic

Healthy Digestion
SAFE Foods

Lactobacilli is the family of friendly bacteria (flora) which are often depleted due to modern living and poor diet. Microfood is a live, active, non-dairy source of lactobacilli (acidophilus, bifidus and other friendly bacteria), useful for replacing and enhancing the friendly floral colony in the intestine. Cultured on an organic medium including organic barley and green barley powder, this is a highly stable product which can be activated by fermenting with fructose or sugar and warm water for bread making.

Microfood may also be used as an effective facial scrub when moistened with water.

Non-gluten/Non-lactose formula
Suitable for vegans

Contains no preservatives, additives, yeast or wheat.

  • Fructose (non fermented)
  • Chick peas*
  • Mung beans*
  • Maize*
  • Linseed*
  • Brown rice*
  • Green barley powder*
  • Millet*
  • Alfalfa seed*
  • Agave*
  • Molasses*

  • *Denotes organic ingredients

    Take 1-2 teaspoons daily.

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