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Minerals for the Genetic Code - C Walters

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Minerals for the Genetic Code By Charles Walters 303 pages
An exposition and analysis of the Dr Olree standard genetic periodic chart and the physical, chemical and biological connection.
In the cell, whether plant, animal or human being, there are chromosomes, which carry almost all of the information required to direct a cell's growth, division and production of proteins. These chromosomes are in turn made up of information-bearing genes.
Chemicals, faltering nutrition, injury and, not least, an absence or marked imbalance of critical minerals can injure the chromosomes by altering the chemistry of a gene so that it conveys misinformation (called point mutation) or by breaking the chromosome (called deletion). The cell may be killed, or it may reproduce the induced error.
In this cutting-edge book the connection is made between the physical, chemical and biological aspects of minerals and subatomic particles in the life process, and assignment is made of the specific mineral that governs each entry in the genetic code. This knowledge, based on peer-reviewed medical literature also contains research by forgotten innovators.
Each of the 64 sequences (or codons) in the Standard Genetic Chart is discussed with an overlay of the mineral involved, its absence leading to disease; its presence ensuring that health is maintained. Dr Richard Olree's genetic mineral chart overlaps the 64 codons that are now a part of science.
About the Author: Charles Walters was a founder and executive editor of Acres U.S.A., and penned thousands of articles on organic and sustainable agriculture.

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