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Moorlife Mask 100g
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Moorlife Mask 100g

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For complete skin care use Moorlife Mask.  This black face mask is the very essence of the unique and precious Moor.  Created by nature and unchanged by man, it comes to you in it’s pure form from the Moor where, for generations, it has been used by Europe’s possessors of beautiful skin.


It will deep cleanse, stimulate, nourish and refresh your skin's appearance, leaving it tingling with that “come alive” feeling.  Pamper yourself with this “at-home facial” at least once per week – or whenever preparing for a special occasion.


From the world's oldest and most acclaimed Health Spa in Austria, comes a naturally alkaline-free substance made up of over 700 herbs and flowers. Used by Josephine and Napoleon, hailed as the 'Fountain of Youth' by Renaissance physicians, this is the essence of all Moorlife products.

Shortened analysis

  • Alpine spring water
  • Organic substances from herbs
  • Albumin 2% - which includes 15 essential amino acid groups
  • Inorganic substances

  • (all above are naturally occurring)

    For acne-prone skin, use as often as three times a week. First, cleanse your face with Moorlife Cleansing Bar then apply Mask evenly with brush or fingertips. Leave for 3 minutes, but do not allow mask to dry – moisten with filtered water or Moorlife Toner. Wash off with warm water, apply Skin Toner if desired and finish with Face Cream.

    Follow the routine outlined above and you will quickly become aware of the virtue of using these completely natural, organic products. Men, too, will see that, in their sheer simplicity, the products offer a natural, acceptable way to maintain one’s appearance. Shouldn’t we all try to do that? The right time to start is now!

    When masking as a full mask, extend down the neck and over the thyroid area. In summer time use as a decolletage mask – particularly effective for those who sunbake as it improves the tone and elasticity to the skin. The Mask can be used for blemishes on any area on the body – back of the neck, back, tops of the arms, and also use as a spot mask. For people that have a problem with the “T” zone area, it is only necessary for them to mask there. The easiest way to remove the mask is under the shower. To apply prior to showering or bathing, leave on for only 3 minutes and then rinse off thoroughly with water under the shower. To use as a pack on bruised skin, apply then cover to keep moist and leave for approx. ˝ hour. Apply Moorlife Balm afterwards.

    Shake and knead tube to ensure even creamy consistency. If necessary, add a small amount of pure water. Then apply Mask evenly onto required area using fingers, brush or spatula. Mask should NEVER be allowed to dry. If necessary, keep Mask moist using steam, water atomiser or wet cloth/sponge. Rinse off with warm water after 3-6 minutes. May be used as frequently as desired. Regular use every 7-10 days is recommended to maintain healthy glowing skin.

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