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Moorlife Mineral Drink 250ml
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Moorlife Mineral Drink 250ml

Code 380 Suitable for vegansNon-gluten contentNon-lactose content


Moorlife minerals are a unique substance in the world, having been formed about 30,000 years ago, or at the end of the last ice age. A valley in Austria formed an ideal catchment for 700 identified herbs and flowers, which were swept down the mountainsides by melting glaciers. The resulting detritus became the ‘panacea’ revered as far back as 600 BC.This thick black liquid contains hundreds of forms of organic materials and each batch is closely monitored for quality and purity.

  • Neydharting moor (naturally occurring peat-like substance comprising: Alpine spring water; Organic compounds; Inorganic compounds)
  • Shake well and dilute one to two teaspoons of Drink in any non-alcoholic beverage. Drink is best taken half an hour before meals to ensure optimum absorption of foods and nutrients. Take 1-3 times daily. Binding of wastes in the colon may produce some temporary constipation when first taken. If so, a mild laxative may be used to assist.

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    Suitable for vegetarians
    Suitable for vegans
    Suitable for pescatarians
    Non-gluten content
    Non-lactose content
    Not tested on animals

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