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Advantages of a SAFE™ Membership include:

1. Wholesale Prices

SAFE™ does not sell to the public. By becoming a member of the SAFE™ network, you will be eligible to purchase at wholesale prices. Each SAFE™ membership is for life and there is no pressure to buy in quantity.

2. Quality

SAFE™ places a great emphasis on producing premium quality products. Products are manufactured and packed in a dedicated therapeutic laboratory, which is licensed by the TGA. Many products contain more active ingredients than competitor products, making them more effective.

3. Bulk Sizes

SAFE™ offers several of its most popular products in special bulk sizes, for example 1 kg of Green Barley Powder. These sizes enable members to buy their favourite products in the most cost effective way.

4. Unique

For more than a decade, SAFE™ has continually developed new products. Many of these products are exclusive to SAFE™ and have achieved wide recognition in the SAFE™ network and beyond.

5. Customer Service

Whilst many online companies have reduced customer service, SAFE™ is not an online company and offers superior customer service. A dedicated team answers all your questions. Just call (07) 5593 4566 to speak to a real person, without going through lengthy menus and wait times.

6. Naturopathic Advice / Education

SAFE™ is not just a distributor. Each member receives complimentary naturopathic tuition and advice from our naturopaths, both through our newsletters and on direct contact. Additionally, members are automatically entitled to a 10% discount on nationally recognized, government accredited courses for natural and beauty therapies through AST (Academy of Safe Therapies).

7. Income Potential / Retail Sales

SAFE™ members can resell products at retail prices or may elect to operate as a networking business and receive commissions on products sold. Click here to download the SAFE™ Marketing System brochure.

More Questions? Call SAFE™ on (07) 5593 4566

(Mon-Fri 8:30am - 4:30pm AEST)