Ener-G-food 200 Vege Capsules

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Ener-G-food is a synergistic combination of green barley powder, alfalfa powder, chlorella, spirulina, biodynamic brown rice, kelp, lactobacillus culture and apple powder. Each ingredient being high in nutritional value, when combined have an immense beneficial effect of delivering organic and active nutrients to every aspect of the body. The high quality ingredients, combined with the lactobacillus culture, result in a readily bio-available food source.

Ener-G-food stimulates the metabolism and quickly delivers broad spectrum vitamins, minerals, enzymes, antioxidants and amino acids to the entire body.

Ener-G-food Capsules provide all the benefits of the powdered form with the added convenience for holidays and those in a hurry.

Contains no gluten/lactose and is suitable for vegans


Organically grown Green barley powder
Green alfalfa powder
Biodynamic brown rice
Apple powder
Lactobacillus culture


The contents of 5-10 capsules may be consumed with juice or water or sprinkled onto food.

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32 years of organic growth in health foods. Sustainable Agriculture & Food Enterprises Pty Ltd (SAFE™) ABN: 57 056 719 030 is a health food company that provides quality products and services at wholesale prices by selling direct to customers.

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    Ener-G-food 200 Vege Capsules