Health From The Ground Up

This has been been the philosophy of SAFE since 1992. Foods grown in organic, mineral-rich soils provide the body with the nutrition it requires to function at its optimum.

32 years of helping people regain their health

SAFE was established 32 years ago by lawyer, Les Dyne, and his nutritionist wife, Patti, as a result of Les’ serious health crisis. Remarkably, taking twelve teaspoons of powdered barley grass shoots per day allowed Les to completely regain his health, and to regrow his pelvic bone that had decayed. CT scans evidenced the formation of calcite strands reaching out to bridge the gap, proving how valuable and available the calcium in barley grass is at working with the other nutrients.

As a result of Les’ recovery, the husband and wife health food pioneers resolved to make this amazing superfood – organically grown in Australia – available to others at a price that was affordable. Many people grappling with a health problem are already often burdened by medical bills, affecting their ability to access the organic nutrition their bodies require. So SAFE was established and, since its inception, it has continued to provide the highest quality health foods at affordable prices, without any marketing hype.

We look forward to helping you on your journey to good health.

Our Brands


    SAFE Foods

    A curated collection of organic superfoods and wholefoods, as well as practitioner formulated functional foods, to work with your body to naturally boost your health and wellbeing.

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    SAFE Health

    Developing health products since 1992, SAFE pioneered a unique method to extract a full range of compounds from olive leaves, and has developed other beneficial TGA listed formulations.

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    Eco SAFE

    Earth is abundant with everything we need to survive and thrive. It is essential for the environment and our health that we use eco-friendly products for cleaning and sustainable gardening.

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    SAFE Care

    Skin care is as essential to our health as diet and exercise. Our Nutracell and Moorlife ranges support your skin’s health with superior ingredients, focusing on organic nutrients and fulvic minerals.

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    Pet SAFE

    Our pets have become loved members of our families, and we all want them to live their best and healthiest lives. Supplement the diets of your cats and dogs with expert formulated nutrition.

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The SAFE Group

We are based on the Gold Coast, Queensland, but have members throughout Australia, New Zealand and many other countries. The company is 100% Australian owned and operated, and uses Australian products wherever possible.

After 32 years of organic growth in health foods, today we are involved in industries as diverse as therapeutic manufacturing, analytical services and agriculture, all of which complement our motto of 'Health From the Ground Up'.

Our Products

SAFE began with its flagship products Green Barley Plus and Citramin (colloidal fulvic minerals), and soon the list of well researched, healthy and environmentally friendly products grew. Since then, the product range has been expanded to encompass a comprehensive range of products, including:

  • Raw and organic Australian grown green foods
  • Synergistic mineral & vitamin formulations
  • Naturopath formulated herbal blends
  • Natural and organic personal care products
  • Environmentally friendly cleaning range
  • Organic agricultural products