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  • Sea Mineral Salt 250g Culinary

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  • Colloidal Silica Gel Tonic 500ml

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  • Herbal Iron 200ml

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  • 30 Days to a New You booklet

  • Bioactive Fibre Formula 180 Vege Capsules

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  • Jumba-Jara Wild Plum Leaf Extract 200ml (6 pack)

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  • Jumba-Jara Wild Plum Leaf Extract 200ml

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  • Olive Leaf Extract Original (22.5mg/5ml) 500ml

  • Maca 180 Vege Capsules

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  • Vital-E 60 Vege Capsules

  • Hearty Chia Seeds 300g

  • Lacto-B-cillus 120 Vege Capsules

  • Stimcel 60 Vege Capsules

  • Turmeric Elixir 600ml

  • Chocolate Goji Berries 300g - Now 100% organic!

  • VG Powder 200g - Now 100% organic!

  • Wake-Me-Up 200g

  • Stimcel 100ml

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Cautions: Please be aware that some natural supplements may be unsuitable to take whilst on pharmaceutical medications, pregnant, with certain health conditions, or for use by children. If you are currently using any medications or have a particular health condition, please consult one of our Naturopaths prior to commencing any supplemental program. All information provided is for personal education purposes only, and should not be used for diagnosing a health condition or disease.