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SAFE has been trusted by thousands of people to support their health with organic foods and superior nutrition. We are 100% Australian owned and operated, and we use Australian products wherever possible.


Premium quality health foods at an affordable price

SAFE’s ethos is to put people’s health ahead of profits. We have developed a comprehensive range of products that promote optimum health and wellbeing, support naturally beautiful skin, care for our waterways and the environment, and help our pets.

Our Brands


    SAFE Foods

    A curated collection of organic superfoods and wholefoods, as well as practitioner formulated functional foods, to work with your body to naturally boost your health and wellbeing.

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    SAFE Health

    Developing health products since 1992, SAFE pioneered a unique method to extract a full range of compounds from olive leaves, and has developed other beneficial TGA listed formulations.

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    Eco SAFE

    Earth is abundant with everything we need to survive and thrive. It is essential for the environment and our health that we use eco-friendly products for cleaning and sustainable gardening.

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    SAFE Care

    Skin care is as essential to our health as diet and exercise. Our Nutracell and Moorlife ranges support your skin’s health with superior ingredients, focusing on organic nutrients and fulvic minerals.

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    Pet SAFE

    Our pets have become loved members of our families, and we all want them to live their best and healthiest lives. Supplement the diets of your cats and dogs with expert formulated nutrition.

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Natural healthcare since 1992

SAFE (Sustainable Agriculture & Food Enterprises) is a health food company that provides quality products and services at wholesale prices by selling direct to customers.

The business was founded in 1992 by Les Dyne and his nutritionist wife, Patti. They recognised the need for affordable and high quality wholefood supplements and foods.

Our Story

Real health foods with integrity

When there is so much hype around the latest superfood or health trend, SAFE simplifies your health journey, with wholefoods that have been used for decades, centuries or even millennia.


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