Moorlife Cleansing Bar 100g

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The greatest single contribution to skin damage and aging today is the use of soap as a cleanser.  The Moorlife Cleansing Bar, quite unlike ordinary soap, is slightly acidic and therefore will not disturb the natural acid mantle – the skin’s immune defence against bacteria and virus.  It is so gentle, in fact, that it may be used on baby’s tender skin.


The natural oils, waxes, fats and resins are extracted from the pure Moor and combined with cacao butter to produce this unique cleansing bar which takes eight weeks to make by hand.



The Cleansing Bar may also be used as an alternative to shaving cream for men with sensitive skins.  It may also be used as a shampoo for the hair and is particularly effective on areas of the body prone to fungus as it will neutralise the pH imbalance.  When used as an eye make-up remover excellent results will be achieved.


An essential beginning to your skin care, this is the ideal alternative to alkaline soaps which can damage skin. Made by hand from pure oils, waxes and resins of the 700 herbs and flowering plants of this unique Moor, it removes all traces of make-up to leave the skin's apprearance  glowing, and is gentle enough to use around the eyes. More than just a cleaner that 'washes' the skin surface, the unique molecular structure of the Moor penetrates to add a new dimension to the process of cleansing, whereby it purifies deep within the tissue to leave the skin feeling softened, toned and conditioned- more than you would ever imagine possible in a single step.


Naturally occurring waxes
Oils and resins extracted from herbal Moor
Cacao butter


Wet face, then apply lather gently and evenly in a circular motioned using fingers, sea sponge or soft facial brush. It is important to leave the lather on the skin to penetrate for

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Moorlife Cleansing Bar 100g