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The final step is, of course, Moorlife Face Cream – to complete your daily skin care routine.

Perhaps no other Moorlife product demonstrates the astonishing properties of the Moor as does Moorlife Face Cream – for the one cream is beneficial to all skin types – normal, dry, oily, sensitive and “problem” skins.

The secret, simply put, is that Moorlife Face Cream, containing the essence of the pure, natural Moor*, works to restore the natural pH balance, promote elasticity and glowing freshness of your skin, regardless of type.  It works, literally, beneath the skin as well as on the skin’s delicate surface.  It is an ideal moisturiser, make-up base, night cream, throat cream – and can be used as an effective eye-cream too.

It is perfect for all skin types. Very few people have the same skin type all over their face and each skin will use and absorb from the Moorlife Face Cream what it needs in each area; hence only one cream for all skin and ages.

It is recommended for sensitive skin to lightly apply before and after the famous black Moorlife Mask.

*What is The Moor? From this unique black lake in Austria comes a naturally alkaline-free substance made up of over 700 herbs and flowers. Used by Josephine and Napoleon, hailed as the 'Fountain of Youth' by Renaissance physicians, this is the essence of all Moorlife products.


Peat Water (Moor Essence - Alpine spring water organically bound substances and minerals from herbs)
Cetearyl Isononanoate
Prunus Dulcis
Zea Mays
Cetearyl Alcohol
Glyceryl Stearate
Triticum Vulgare
Imidazolidinyl Urea
Sodium Lactate
Sodium PCA


Smooth gently onto the face and neck. Its fine texture and concentrated form allows it to be used sparingly.

Use Skin Toner 15 to 20 minutes after application for an excessively oily skin if there is some residue.

Most people tend to be very heavy handed with moisturisers and when first starting to use the Moor one realises that only a very small amount is necessary ? so be very economical with the amount that is applied.

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    Moorlife Face Cream 70g